I take your safety extremely seriously. I meet and in many cases, exceed health and safety requirements to ensure you feel comfortable about choosing little luxury spa.

I don’t double dip my wax sticks, to ensure there is no contamination within the wax pots!
I use freshly cleaned bedding/towels for every client, and disinfect the esthetics bed after each use for extra safety I use hospital grade disinfectants on my tools and instruments between every client

Manicures and Pedicures:
My manicure and pedicure services incorporate single use items to emphasize safety including single use: pedicure bowl liners, and callus removers.
I use hospital grade disinfectants on my tools, instruments, files, and buffers between each client.
I use freshly cleaned towels for each client, and disinfect the manicure and pedicure station thoroughly after each client.
If you have any questions about my health standards or what actions I take to ensure your health and safety, please contact me! I will be happy to explain my procedures and protocols.